Talking Sopranos

Episode #69 "Mayham"

Episode Summary

w/guests Vanessa Ferlito (Tina Francesco) and Bob Shaw (Sopranos Production Designer)

Episode Notes

     Vanessa started as a “club kid” and the Sopranos was actually her first acting gig. From there she built a fantastic career working with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. She also starred as a series regular on shows like CSI: New Orleans, CSI: New York and 24. 

     Bob Shaw is an incredibly talented Production Designer who has been nominated for 5 Emmy awards and one Oscar. The Sopranos just wouldn’t have been the same without him and he has lots of behind the scenes stories to share.

     After that Michael and Steve break down another fantastic episode of the Sopranos S6-Ep3 “Mayham”. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Talking Sopranos podcast wherever you get your podcasts and go to the Talking Sopranos website to ask Michael and Steve questions and buy official merchandise. 

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