Talking Sopranos

Episode #55 "Rat Pack"

Episode Summary

w/guests Oksana Lada (Irina Peltsin) and Carl Capotorto (Little Paulie Germani)

Episode Notes

     This week Oksana Lada (Irina Peltsin) and Carl Capotorto (Little Paulie Germani) join Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa for another amazing episode of Talking Sopranos.

     Oksana doesn’t do a lot of interviews so it’s a real pleasure to hear how she’s doing. She looks exactly the same as she did 20 years ago and just as much fun. 

     Then Carl Capotorto joins the podcast and shares some stories about the Sopranos he has never revealed before. He talks about how he auditioned for Ralphie four or five times but didn’t get the part. Then after Ralphie was cast, Georgianne Walken called him back and asked him to audition for the part again! Eventually Joe Pantoliano was cast as Ralphie and was brilliant. Carl also talks about the first time he met Tony Sirico and how Tony thought Carl was stealing his look!

     After that Michael and Steve get into the episode but get sidetracked with a few crazy stories about the Rat Pack and Napoleon’s penis….well…I guess you just have to hear it. It’s a great episode with lots of juicy info. Talking Sopranos Ep #55 S5 - Ep2 “Rat Pack”. Make sure to subscribe to the Talking Sopranos podcast wherever you get your podcasts and go to the Talking Sopranos website to ask questions and buy official merchandise.