Talking Sopranos

Episode #45 "Pie-o-My"

Episode Summary

It’s FBI day on Talking Sopranos w/guests Lola Glaudini (Agent Ciccerone) and Matt Servitto (Agent Harris).

Episode Notes

     This special episode features two of the most memorable and law-abiding characters from the series. 

     First up Lola Glaudini. She actually played two parts on the show, Agent Deborah Ciccerone and Danielle from Whippany. Lola tells Michael and Steve about her unconventional childhood and what it was like growing up surrounded by actors, artists, and lots of parties. She also talks about how she got the gig on the Sopranos and how excited she was to land a role on her favorite TV show. She tells us about her first day on set and how she thought Michael was a bit stand off-ish…Hummm Steve’s definitely gonna have something to say about that.

     Then in part two of this law enforcement special Matt Servitto (Agent Dwight Harris)  joins the show. He talks about his early days at Julliard and what it was like attending such a prestigious and respected school. He originally auditioned for the roles of Father Phil and Agent Grasso. He didn’t get either but ended up with something even better, the role of Agent Harris. David Chase actually sent him to FBI school to learn the tricks of the trade and often had real agents on the set who said they “liked what he was doing”. 

     After that Michael and Steve get onto this week’s episode which is a great one. Michael also tells an exciting story about going to Saratoga to watch Tony Sirico’s race horse, Carmineuch, win his first race. It’s a packed episode you won’t want to miss. Talking Sopranos S4-E5 "Pie-o-My". Make sure to subscribe to the Talking Sopranos podcast wherever you get your podcasts. You can also ask Michael and Steve questions or buy merchandise at htttp://