Talking Sopranos

Episode #44 "The Weight"

Episode Summary

w/guest Dominic Chianese (Uncle Junior)

Episode Notes

       This week on Talking Sopranos Michael and Steve welcome everybody’s favorite Soprano’s character, Dominic Chianese (Uncle Junior). In this rare and revealing interview Dominic talks about his start in musical theater and his long and impressive singing career. He shares how he learned the craft of acting and how discipline and process played such a huge role in his success. He also talks about working with Al Pacino, Francis Ford Coppola and how he got the part in the Godfather.

      Dominic talks about getting the role on the Sopranos and how it completely changed his life. At age 62 he literally went from a one-bedroom apartment to living the high life. How working with Nancy Marchand was such a pleasure and how James Gandolfini was the brother he never had. It’s also no surprise that Dominic’s favorite lines were the throw aways like “Pass the Peppers” and “Get your number 2 pencils and get out of here!”

       Then Michael and Steve break down this week’s episode. Things are heating up between Furio and Carmela and the 90 lb mole on Ginny Sack’s ass is going to be a huge problem. Michael and Steve also talk about diets, superstitions and the evil eye. It’s all this week on Talking Sopranos S4-Ep4 “The Weight”. Make sure to subscribe to the Talking Sopranos podcast wherever you get your podcasts and ask Michael and Steve questions at