Talking Sopranos

Episode #43 Christopher"

Episode Summary

w/guest Ray Abruzzo (Little Carmine)

Episode Notes

     Michael and Steve are joined by their good friend Ray Abruzzo (Little Carmine). They have a blast talking about old times and all the laughs they've had on the Sopranos set. Ray explains about how a nice Italian American boy from Queens ended up in show business, and about his days on LA Law and Dynasty. He also shares his Sopranos audition story. Originally Little Carmine was supposed to be a 300 lb sweaty gangster but when Ray made a little movement with his neck, and mis-pronounced a word David was convinced he was the guy. Ray also tells Michael and Steve about his first day on set and how his worst nightmare actually came true. 

     Then Michael and Steve get into the episode which is one that Michael wrote. This was a bit of an F U to all the Italian American anti-deformation people who were against the Sopranos but probably never watched it. It also aired in 2002 two weeks before Columbus day. That year Dominic Chianese and Lorraine Bracco were asked to march in the NYC Columbus Day parade but were banned after this episode aired. Mayor Bloomberg was so upset, he walked off the parade as well and took Lorraine and Dominic to lunch instead.

This is also a huge episode for Steve and Bobby Bacala. Steve talks about how he was able to prepare for the difficult scenes and how director Tim Van Patten guided him through it. The guys also talk about how they get ready for this podcast plus Steve asks Michael a very very personal question. Don’t miss Talking Sopranos Episode #43 “Christopher” S4-Ep3. Make sure to subscribe to the Talking Sopranos podcast wherever you get your podcasts and ask Michael and Steve questions at