Talking Sopranos

Episode #27 "Mr. Ruggerio's Neighborhood"

Episode Summary

w/guest Kathrine Narducci (Charmaine Bucco)

Episode Notes

Kathrine Narducci (Charmaine Bucco) joins Michael and Steve for the Talking Sopranos Season 3 premiere. Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci, Martin Scorsese, Kathrine talks about working with them all. But her most amazing story might be how she took her son on an open casting call, and ended up walking away with her first role playing opposite Robert DeNiro in A Bronx Tale. Kathrine is a great guest and certainly had a lot of fun working on the Sopranos.

Then the feds are listening as Michael and Steve break down this week’s program. Lots to talk about as David Chase tried something a little different in this episode. The feds are front and center and Tony better watch what he says because the basement is now wired for sound. Don’t miss Mr. Ruggerio’s Neighborhood, Talking Sopranos Episode #27 (S3-Ep1). Make sure to subscribe to the Talking Sopranos podcast wherever you get your podcasts. Send your questions to Michael and Steve and buy official Talking Sopranos merchandise at